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My favourite hair style keeps changing — for a very long, and for some unknown reason, I was obsessed with poker straight hair. I got off that phase pretty soon. These days, the romantic soft waves are more of my style. I would have loved some defined curls but I prefer not to use a lot of heat. I have naturally wavy hair with a mind of their own. So, I really leave them alone. Then came along Bblunt’s High Definition curl Leave-in Cream, which encouraged me to dream that I could have some lovely curls.

This serum comes in a beautiful pink bottle with a pump that twists to get locked and unlocked. The product smells heavenly and I may want to continue using it for this reason only. These are the instructions to use it.

  • Flip hair upside down and apply evenly on damp hair, from roots to ends.
  • Twirl, scrunch and style.
  • Blow dry using a diffuser for maximum effect.


First thing — I do not have a diffuser but I do have a blow dryer. This is how I used this product.

  •  After I wash my hair, I squeeze out all the water and wrap a huge t-shirt around my hair to soak in the water.
  • After around 5-7 minutes, I apply the Bblunt leave-in serum, from root to ends as mentioned.
  • Then I scrunch and twirl my hair in sections and sometimes all in a whole while I blow dry my hair

….. and then I wait.PicsArt_02-13-12.29.15

The waves in my hair did not get a revolutionary transformation. I have to believe that this product is for people with actually curly hair. As a side effect probably, it leaves my hair feeling feathery soft. Also, since it claims to protect hair from heat, I do not feel guilty about using a blow dryer.



  • Smells great
  • Hair feels soft after usage
  • protects hair from heat
  • Frizz free hair


  • Does not increase definition of lose curls

Maybe I was expecting a miraculous product. If you have almost straight hair with waves towards the end, this product may not be for you. But if you have those lovely curls –proper curls, then I would say go for this product. I have vouched for Bblunt earlier as well when I used and loved its dry shampoo. I am just not the right target customer for the Bblunt High Definition Curl leave in serum.

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)

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