Matrix Biolage Colour Care Shampoo Review

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You might have seen my earlier post on coloring my hair. I had mentioned about using a shampoo which could protect my color treated hair. I had heard/read lot about Matrix shampoos doing wonders to the hair, hence I picked the Matrix Biolage Colour Care Shampoo.



Product Description:

Inspired by Nature’s orchids, Biolage Colorcaretherapie is enriched with orchid extract + UV filter complex that helps preserve and protect the radiance of color-treated hair.  Biolage color care shampoo with low pH for color-treated hair, gently cleanses and moisturizes to help protect lasting color vibrancy while leaving hair ultra soft and shiny.




My Take On the Product : It is a clear shampoo with creamy texture, which lathers well since it has SLS. As the product claims, it does protect the coloured hair a tad bit better than a normal shampoo. It also retains the  shiny look of color treated hair. But it does not clean the scalp well as it is very mild. More often than not, I had to use the shampoo twice to remove the oil in my hair.

My hair felt dry/rough after using this shampoo probably because I did not use it along with Matrix colour care conditioner. The 200 ml bottle would last for 2 months, if used thrice a week. So I would say, quantity wise, it is sufficient.

Packaging:  The Bottle comes with a flip flop top which is travel friendly. But, make sure you open the cap gently to avoid breaking it. It comes in an opaque bottle — so you cannot see the product quantity left in the bottle.



Price: 205 INR for 200 ml



  1. Protects the color to a great extent
  2. Gives shine to the hair
  3. Paraben Free


  1. Makes my hair dry/rough
  2. Observed more hair fall
  3. Very mild to clean the scalp

Should you Buy It: I wouldn’t buy this again, so I say you can skip this product!

ThatElegantChic Verdict: 3/5

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)

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