Mini Maybelline Haul

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You know that shopping is therapeutic ..right? After a stressful week, shopping lets me forget everything else and allows me to lose myself in the world of style and fun! Although this weekend when I stepped out of my house , it was only to meet a friend. But she was late and I was bored! So I ended up going to the nearest Shoppers Stop and gave away my hard earned IT money to the good people at Maybelline for a Mini Maybelline Haul!

Here is what I bought :



Maybelline Lip Smooth Color Bloom Lip Balm: I love this lip balm mainly because of the Unique color it leaves on your lips. It feels like they custom made this one for me :) They come in two shades: Peach Blossom and Pink blossom. I picked up the peach blossom here. It also has SPF 16 protecting your lips from sun light. The moisture lasts for around 2 hours on my lips.



Price : Rs 125

Maybelline nail polishes :  I have been in love these for their range of colors since the day they were out in the market and the best part is they are pretty affordable. I picked up two bright sparks ( Red and Blue) which costed me Rs 85 each and one pink which is of Rs 75.



I picked a silver color one too in the Glitter Mania range( Dazzling diva). I wanted this one since a very long time and the cost was Rs 125 but it’s totally worth it!



Maybelline BB cream :  This one is quite handy and comes in 18 ml  pouch, which is good for me as I’m going to use it for the first time. It will be like a sample tube. I picked 01 Nude shade in this and expect a review pretty soon!



Price : Rs 199

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)

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