Tasty and Healthy Salad – Recipe!

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It is said that, to see the change on the outside, we need to bring a change inside. A healthy glowing skin and a good fit body sound extremely lucrative results — but ultimately thats what they are! They are the RESULTS of a healthy lifestyle. You can use the best products, use the most natural masks on your face, but unless you eat right, the health revolution just would not begin.

We all know that vegetables and sprouts are very important in our daily diet, but we hardly eat sufficient of them. We prefer grabbing a burger, that cheesy pasta or that really well cooked Biyani! ThatElegantChic never  favors  giving up anything that you love, especially food.  All we suggest is that you limit the quantity and include some fresh vegetables in your diet. Here we present to you a no-frills salad that is the easiest to make and the tastiest to eat.

Ingredients :

1) Variety of sprouts,

2) Cucumber

3) Raddish

4) Carrot

5) Onions

6) Tomato

7) Lettuce

8) Lemon juice

9) Salt

10) Pepper

11) Chat Masala

12) Sev (Fried Crispies)



Preparation :

1) Cut the lettuce leaf into preferable size and add it as a base in your bowl.

2) Cut the cucumber, raddish, onions, Tomato into small pieces and add it in the bowl.

3) Add the Grated carrot into it. Add the sprouts to this mixture.

4) Add salt, pepper and chat masala for taste.

5) Add one table spoon lemon to it.

6) Mix it all well and finally add some Sev(Optional) to make it taste like your favorite chat.



This is usually my quick fix salad when I am hungry. You can add flak seeds and dry fruits according to your taste to make it healthier. In fact, you can add or subtract (Just don’t subtract the veggies!) anything and customize the salad according to your taste.  Do tell us how it turned out for you!

Stay healthy, Stay Beautiful :)

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